It is managed by prevention of pest, emergency handling ability and continuous prevention management system.
  • Apply appropriate management system through analyze risk factors by industry.
  • Prevent pest from occurring in accordance with standard strategies by annual plan, seasonal strategy, and pest.
  • Analyze characteristics and risk factors for each industry and apply appropriate management system.
  • HACCP and international standards are applied and managed accordance with the control system.
  • Provides services such as hygiene education, pest outbreak prediction, identification of pest claims, and various prevention information.
Service 1

Hygiene Information

This food poisoning index was developed jointly by the Korea Food and Drug Administration and the Korea Meteorological Administration using temperature changes.
Check the possibility of food poisoning and the precautions and apply them to the site

Service Update1

Food poisoning index=Food poisoning time at optimum temperature (3.5h) / Food poisoning time at random temperature*100

Microbial damage

The causes of food-related diseases are 96% caused by microorganisms, and the rate of multiplication increases exponentially.
It is necessary to identify precise causes to prevent spread of the virus and the cause of the contamination and path estimation

Service Update2

Virus damage

As globalization progresses rapidly, viral diseases tend to spread rapidly around the world, causing serious human and economic damage.

Service Update3