Proceed thorough training on personal hygiene, customer handling and service reporting according to the characteristics of the service.

  • Our training focus on follow-up program the most.
  • To insure our customer proper service, we provide regular training to all our technician (30 min / per week)
Man_ There is a lack of understanding of the concept and pest control service

FACT    : Performance level of service is not the level of expectation to foreigners.
POINT  : Service mind, understand of pest problem, prevention of control services is needed.
DOING : Combine the system and educational aspects of the pest control business

Service Trainning 1

Education parts _ Training technician (service mind, understanding pest, service skill)
 Manage part _System Operation (System operation and customer handling)

Material: Customer collapsed after local pest control service.

FACT    : Trust issue on local service provider.
POINT  : There is a high preference for advanced level of foreign services ratherthan local service.
DOING : Use global companies chemical for service.

Service Trainning 2

  Sell global companies chemicals.

  •     BAYER
  •     BASF
  •     Korean product
Machine_ No professional grade equipment available for pest control provider.

FACT    : There is no local pest control related equipment available in Vietnam.
POINT  : The equipment is proportionate to service reliability.
DOING : Use professional grade equipment used in Korea market

Service Trainning 3

Personal equipment (Belt set, bait gun, trap, flash light, sprayer)
 Commercial equipment ( Fog machine, ULV)

Methods _ Use chemicals to only control pest that are visible.

FACT    : Legal grounds or methods for preventive treatment were not materialized.
POINT  : Need a control system set up in Korea.
DOING : Annual plan for pest control and pest control strategies is applied to control.

Service Trainning 4

Application of annual plan (Annual plans for planning and control)
 Pest control strategy by pest ( Rat-defense line, roaches-find habitat )